No Investment or other Advice – We do not offer investment advice, legal, tax or other advice nor do we otherwise assume or have any duty of care towards advising on the suitability or merits of your investment. As such, it is your responsibility to ensure that you to assess the risk and consequences of your investment in light of your particular circumstances, taking into account your risk appetite, your ability to sustain losses, and the impact of your investment on your finances and ability to meet obligations.

Leverage – Leverage is a practice where you gain exposure on the basis of an amount much greater than the amount which you invest. Leverage is highly risky because whilst your gains may be a multiple amount of your initial investment, so may your losses, since your profit or loss is based on the full position which may be a multiple of the amount which you place with us. Whilst we offer you negative balance protection, the risk of leverage is something which you should consider carefully and you should familiarize yourself with the amount of leverage in relation to each product before engaging in any trading activity in any such product.

CFDs – Contracts for Differences (“CFDs”) are instruments which enable you to speculate on the underlying instrument. CFDs are highly leveraged products. As such they carry a high amount of risk. We do not offer investment advice nor do we have any knowledge of your financial circumstances and obligations or intended risk appetite. Thus, and whilst we offer you negative balance protection, before trading in CFDs you should consider carefully the risks which leveraged products carry and what this means for your particular circumstances. These highly speculative products are often non-standardized and commonly incorporate product features, such as high leverage and automatic close-out, which makes them difficult to understand for a majority of retail investors. You should also be aware of the fact that you are not trading the underlying instrument itself (you are only speculating on its price movement) and as such you will never own or take delivery of the underlying instrument. CFDs are complex products and are not suitable for all investors. Don’t use money you can’t afford to lose. You should only consider trading in CFDs if: · you have extensive experience of trading in volatile markets, · you fully understand how they operate, including all the risks and costs involved, · you are aware that the greater the leverage, the greater the risk, · you understand that your position can be closed whether or not you agree with our decision to close your position, · you have sufficient time to manage your investment on an active basis.

Slippage and Gapping – Slippage occurs where due to market circumstances (usually a sudden sharp drop) execution may happen at a price which is more unfavorable than you require and instruct. Similarly, gapping occurs where there is a sudden price drop and there is no opportunity to place an order or give effect to a stop order whist the price is falling. Whilst we take steps to mitigate the possibility of slippage occurring and apply slippage symmetrically to you and us, you should be aware of the risk and effect of slippage and gapping on your investment.

Limitations in the Investor Compensation Scheme – Whilst there is in place an Investor Compensation Scheme in operation in the Republic of Cyprus and we, as a firm, do participate in this scheme, you should be aware of the limitations in the coverage of this scheme. The scheme applies to investors categorized as retail clients. The entitlement to compensation does not exceed twenty thousand Euros (20,000). This amount applies to your aggregate claims against us. The Investor Compensation Scheme does not cover poor investments. It only applies in the cases such as the insolvency of company. Further details regarding the Investor Compensation Scheme can be found in the Pre-Contractual Information.

Limitation and exclusion our Liability – Our liability to you is limited to the maximum extent permissible under the law. To the extent to which our liability is not excluded under the terms of the agreement, it is limited under our terms and conditions.

Finality of Transactions – Once an order is placed with us or a transaction is effected on any of our trading platforms, it is final and binding against you even if you entered into it by mistake (including accidental key strokes) or it was entered into without your knowledge or permission (e.g. because someone obtained access to your passwords or you left a trading device unattended). As such, you are strongly advised to exhibit the required degree of care before entering a trade and to adequately safeguard your access to our trading facilities. 

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